Find your technical interview prep buddy!
We connect early-career women through mock interviews to help them prepare for the technical interviews.
We get it - technical interviews kinda (really) suck.
Plus, women starting their software development careers face unique barriers when it comes to technical interviewing.
  • Lack of mentorship
  • Few beginner friendly tools
  • Little to no feedback
That's why we match women in college and junior roles with engineers and peers for beginner-friendly mock interviews with personalized feedback.
  • Realistic practice
  • Made for beginners
  • Personalized feedback
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Join our 4-Week Cohort for $28!
We'll match you with another early-career woman to complete 4 mock interviews and receive targeted feedback to improve your skills.
  • Tell us about your interview prep so far (no worries if you’re just starting out!)
  • We'll match you with another early-career woman for four mock interview sessions.
  • After each session, you'll provide and receive targeted feedback from your partner (and a third party if you choose to record your session).
  • Tell us what types of interviews you’re interested in leading. We love newbies and experienced interviewers!
  • We’ll match you with an early-career woman for a mock interview.
  • Complete an interview! Don't worry - we'll provide some tips on how to prepare.
  • Give some feedback to your interviewee after the session.
  • We'll send you feedback from your interviwee and another mentor to help conduct better interviews.
  • Get some more practice by booking your next interview!
Let's tackle the technical interview process.
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